Welcome to the improved TWU 549 Website!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new and improved TWU 549 website! With the merger of the TWU 540 and TWU 542 (and the proximity of those airlines these two Locals served), an extensive website was deemed necessary in order to facilitate communication between the 9 groups that the TWU 549 represents. This website is devoted to providing communication between the following groups:

1.  Air Wisconsin

2.  Alaska Airlines

3.  American Airlines

4.  American Airlines Ops Specialists

5.  Envoy

6.  Express Jet

7.  Horizon Airlines

8.  Sun Country

9.  United Parcel Service

Although it has taken some time to get the improved website this far, it is far from complete. In the coming weeks, I hope to be able to provide more content for each group; however, it depends on you, your section, your section chair and the members of the Executive Board to make this happen. In order to make this website a place that you frequently check for updates, new content MUST be provided on a regular basis. Without new content, the membership becomes complacent about checking for updates and will eventually stop visiting the site altogether. If you aren't seeing frequent updates to your area, please ask your section chair to provide more frequent updates!

Because I am from UPS, I do not know everything that your section needs on this website to make it successfully work for you and I am very open to suggestions for things you would like to see on this website. Ultimately, this website is for all of the TWU 549 and needs to be functional for all Sections and not just the UPS Section that I'm most familiar with. Even if you can't access all of the content on the UPS site, you will see that we have many pages devoted to Committee's. I have given access to all elected officers (President to Section Chair) so that they may view the content on the UPS portion of the site so that they can formulate ideas on what might work for their section. If you have ideas for your Section, please get with your Section Chair so these items can get included in the website for your Section.

A note on how the website works:

From this point forward, updates will no longer be visibile to the general public by "Googling" our website–a login will be required. If you do not have access to the website, you will need to get with your Section Chair to request access. (Please note that you will have to provided an email address to gain access! If you aren't comfortable providing the email address that you most frequently use, please create a "free-mail" email address through one of the following: AOL, Gmail, Hotmail / MSN, or Yahoo and provide that email for Union business.)

Once you have logged in, feel free to look around. If you click on Airlines, you will see items posted from Damon Wood and the Executive Board–expect to see information to all Sections located here. If you hover over Airlines, a drop down menu will appear. If you click on the Group (A, B or C) that you belong to, you will see updates from your Vice President and Member at Large as well as any updates that pertain to only your Group. If you hover over your Group (A, B, or C), you will see a list of Airlines in that Group. If you click on your Airline, you will be able to see updates from your Section Chair as well as updates that pertain only to your Airline.  If you hover over your airline, you may see a place for the Stewards to provide updates or even Committee's with a place for updates from each committee. I have tried to provide some content on each page so that you know what updates can be expected on that particular page, who will be writing the updates, and who can view the content. Please take the time to look around the new website and familiarize yourself with where to find updates!

A final word…

As you may remember, I recently ran for office on the platform of the importance of communication and the completion of this website. If you recall, I stated that I would have a new website up and running within 6 months of the election results. Although I was not elected to office, I was asked work on the website and I agreed to take it on because I still strongly feel that communication is of utmost importance and this website is the best tool we have to facilitate that communication. Because I felt it was urgent to get the communication flowing as quickly as possible, the website I promised in 6 months is available to you in 3 months. While I realize the website is not complete, I feel the remainder of the updates and "tweaks" can be handled while the website is operational and viewable to the users that are logged in. 

If you would like to make suggestions, or if you have problems accessing the website using an existing login, please feel free to submit those issues to: 



Karen Ebert

TWU549 Webmaster

PS… All previous posts can be found on this site. If a change to the post has been made (to remove contact information, for instance) it has been noted in the new post.